High trail the evotec pelli per split board

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The Evotec

Revolutionary Adhesive Skins With A Pioneering Adhesion Coating 

High Trail EVOTEC skins are made from newly developed fabrics with superior glide  and exceptional climbing characteristics.

The Evotec Coating: the future of climbing skins

The silicone-based adhesion coating is unique, exclusively available from High Trail. This self-contained adhesion coating has remarkable performance characteristics that are ground-breaking when compared to conventional adhesive skins:

  • Evotec skins have consistent adhesion every time they are used, in any weather, even at very low temperatures.
  • The adhesion coating is not affected by sun and warmth.
  • The coating is maintenance-free.
  • Even the widest skins storeeasily with adhesive side against adhesive side with no need for “skin savers”.
  • Even the widest folded skins can be pulled apart easily.
  • The widest skins on the fattest skis are easy to pull off.
  • The skin’s plush and adhesion coatingcan be washed in cold water to remove any dirt for a like-new appearance.


Important note: The Evotec coating must be protected against abrasion, scraping, etc.

Evotec Skin Plush

  • 65% mohair, 35% nylon, red orange, excellent gliding and climbing properties

Skin Types

  • Trim-Yourself ski skins:  cut-to-size kits in standard widths up to 140 mm
  • new Split-Board Skins: easy to manage even in wide split-board dimensions for backcountry snowboarders


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